Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Bookkeepping

Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Bookkeepping

When a business is registered for GST, you will have to submit Business Activity Statement form. This form tells the Australian Tax authorities any taxes due on your company. This form includes various different taxes like:
Pay As You GO Installments

Wine Equalization Tax
Luxury Car Tax
Pay As You go Withholding Tax
Fringe Benefits Tax
Goods and Service Tax
Fuel tax credits

The Australian Taxation Office issues the BAS due on monthly or quarterly basis. You will have to make the payments before the due dates.

Crown biz can help you maintain your books and process BAS’s in timely manner. With our services, you can stay focused on the business. Any accounting paperwork will be taken care of by us.

Many a times, doing bookkeeping and BAS’s may be time consuming and difficult. The experts at Crown biz have helped many small businesses and startupsin maintaining clean and up-to-date books of accounts.

We can help you in updating everyday entries in the books correctly. We also make accounts payable and receivable statements of the business. All bank reconciliations and third party reconciliations will be done by our team.

Our BAS and bookkeeping service will keep you away from number troubles.

PAYG summaries and PAYG annual statements

Lodging is submitting your tax returns to Australia Taxation Office. There are multiple ways in which you can lodge your returns:

Use services provided by registered tax agent
Online via myTax
Using standard and authorized software
Send post
You must always lodge the returns before the due date.


For submitting the BAS, the GST and PAYG must be paid. Crown biz can provide support for:

Applying for GST, ABN or Company Name
Create and maintain BAS and IAS statements
Formulate PAYG summaries

It is very important for any business to withhold correct amount of tax and report it. We have experts who can help you with PAYG and GST. They will also assist you in superannuation reporting.

Any incorrect or late data may attract fines and more interest. Our team will guide on various aspects of BAS, GST and PAYG. They will help clear many myths surrounding these. Further, they will always help you by submitting the GST and PAYG before due date. Be it monthly, quarterly or annually, our experts will always be on the top of it.

The rates of the services is very reasonable. By paying small amount towards our services, you save time for your business and shall never attract fines due to delay or wrong entry.

Lodging and preparation of GST, PAYG

The Australian Taxation Office requires every company to give its employees, worker or any other beneficiaries a statement showing all the payments given to them along with any tax withdrawn from that payment. This is a separate statement and is different from salary slips. Any Pay As You Go summary must include:

Total amount paid
The tax withheld
The different payment codes
The tax file number

These can be given either electronically or on paper. After giving the PAYG summaries to all employees, you will have to lodge the annual report.

It can be very complicated task which must be done before the deadline. Crown biz can help you prepare the PAYG summaries, make PAYG statement and lodge the annual report.

There are many different kind of PAYG summaries, depending on the business and status. Few of them are:

For individuals
Foreign employment
Tax withheld without ABN
Foreign residents
Employment termination

At times, the scenario can make filing annual PAYG statement very critical. An expert advice can help you sail through this easily.

Our services are very affordable. The experts have complete knowledge and expertise in the area. You will be happy the way we do PAYG summaries and statements.